Sunday, November 14, 2010

Chicken Chow Mein...

I told Nancy I would stop being such a crank and post some pictures....

Brand spankin' new work...wood fired and fired again in an electric kiln to integrate the graphics...nothin' but Chinese menu baby!

New forms, old forms, really good take - out.

By the way, I have more new work in my Etsy shop...just click and shop.

Loading the wood kiln today and firing tomorrow morning...Ive got about 60-70 mugs, cups, and trays and more just waiting to be fired! I love the late Fall firings...the weather is cool and crisp, overcast with a chance of drizzle...the usual western PA weather. But I don't worry about that while I chuck wood into the firebox as it reaches flat cone 11 temperatures.

Stay tuned.