Saturday, December 18, 2010

Warm Wishes...

T'was a week before Christmas and all through the house
Im buzzing around like a scurrying mouse.
Packing pots into boxes along with toys and such,
while wondering if we have shopped for too little or too much.

When what to my wondering eyes did appear
but a frosty cold pint glass full of dark beer.
I was a little tired, not so lively or quick,
all I wanted to do was drink 'till I'm sick.

More rapid than eagles this Christmas did come,
we've been buying and selling, immersed in the scrum.
Ive fired a few kilns and set up some shows
now I wanna stay in my PJs while outside it snows.

Down in my basement I taped up the very last box,
the final orders from my etsy, which I think really rocks.
And I thank all of you for reading and buying,
its folks like you that keep my homefry sleigh flying.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Warmest wishes from me to much more to come in the new year!

Monday, December 13, 2010


The "Self Serve Pottery Kiosk" is now installed within its very first Pennsylvania location...The Philly Street Cafe in Indiana, PA. YAAA-HOOOOO!
Adam Paulek drove up from Virginia at the end of last week and we spent a couple days hanging out and getting the ol' Self Serve Pottery Kiosk ready for business. He showed me the ins and outs of running the kiosks and we also got another ready to head out into the Steel City. Pictured above is Adam "the brains behind the kiosk" Paulek inside the Cafe after we finished with the install. Below are a few images of the lovely proprietors of the Cafe...Leslie Swentosky and her husband and daughter...quite the family affair! Also, here's a real glamour shot of the outside of this wonderful Cafe. Our downtown has been experiencing a bit of a renaissance and The Philly Street Cafe is one of several locally owned and operated businesses to open recently.

So come on over and warm up in this spacious but cozy cafe...enjoy their delicious coffee, bagels and lunch sandwiches...I know I have already, and I'm planning to continue!

....and if your there, check out that darn cool Self Serve Pottery Kiosk!
Stay warm folks and buy hand made for the holidays!!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

"Self Serving" Just In Time for Christmas...

Have I ever told you guys about a buddy of mine down in Virginia...I feel almost certain I have. His name is Adam Paulek he and I had a two person show together there in Virginia this past spring, and when he is not making pots, he is making other cool things. Adam is the creator of a little something called "The Self Serve Pottery Kiosk" which is pictured above. He has 4 of these babies in operation in the Richmond Virgina area and guess what kids...he wants to expand into the greater Pittsburgh area! And yes, you guessed it again, that means I'm involved now! Click here to read more about the Kiosks down in VA. You can also go to Adam's blog here to check out other adventures, namely his very cool...shipping container studio. Below is some of Adam's work that can be purchased either through the kiosks or from his etsy shop.
So, let me get back to the Kiosk...the idea is that we place these things filled with mugs, cups, small bowls, etc. in coffee shops and cafes and people simply purchase work from the kiosk... sort of like a vending machine. They all operate on the honor system and 20% of all the money from the kiosk goes to a local art based charity. Adam has a charity down in Virginia called Art180 and the kiosk we are opening tomorrow at The Philly Street Cafe here in Indiana PA, will give back to the Indiana Arts Council's special project RUMPUS. RUMPUS helps to provide donated items and materials to art students, art teachers,and other needy creative folk for a real bargain!

I am thrilled to be the Pittsburgh connection for Adam's Kiosk project and also happy that he would ask me to be involved. I still want to open up 2 more in the burgh so if you are reading this and know of a coffee generally cool place that this might work, please let me know. Below I have added a few images of some of my new mugs and cups that can be purchased from the Self Serve Pottery Kiosk. Click to enlarge and if you are in the Indiana, PA area stop over at The Philly Street Cafe...have some hot coffee, a yummy bagel and maybe a new mug!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I trust you all had a great Thanksgiving. I'm fresh back from a vacation down in Florida...seeing the family and seeing the Mouse and I'm ready to start breaking out some new stuff. Nancy and I fired the bourry box kiln the week before Thanksgiving and I have yet to see all my goodies. I was gone the day she unbricked and have yet to make it up to the studio due to some fresh snow and work at the university.
We fired the kiln in about 17 - 18 hours once again. She just kept on rising and rising and at the end we put a little more soda in the firebox than we did previously...about 4 pounds or so this time. The picture above is from the beginning of the firing...the kiln was cold and a little damp from all rain we had been having and she steamed and smoked like a bus load of old ladies sitting in front of the slot machines over at the casino. In the end I think it all turned out pretty darn nice...well, from what I have seen at least. Here's a few pics of pieces that will not be getting decals...a really sweet fat belly mug and a nice tall tankard. The tankard is just over 5 inches tall and has a generous 4 finger handle...but also nice and light weight too.

I also have a bunch of these slick little trays...relish tray...butter tray...cheese...whatever...they sure are cool... rectangles and squares all with fancy handles. Here are a few pics of those...I hope to make it up to the studio on Friday to start putting on some new decal images for all the cups, mugs, and trays. By Monday most of these will be hitting the virtual shelves of my online shop. The rest will be rolling into a new project with a friend of mine down in Virginia...Adam Paulek. I will post more about that later but I will give you a little preview to check here. In the mean time, enjoy the pics, do some Christmas shopping (online and with my shop preferably),and walk off those extra pounds from Thanksgiving so you can make room for all the holiday cheer still to come.