Monday, May 26, 2014

I'm All Clay and Bones

Happy Memorial Day!

I like this piece so much, I thought I would blast out a quick post about it! As the result of the class I've been teaching at Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, I ended up with a pretty nice piece...actually this piece is the by- product of two classes. The form, I made in an intermediate class when teaching about  making a stacked form and the surface came as I was demo-ing decals in my surface design class...first the laser transfer at 04 and then the bling at 018. It was originally fired to a cone 10 reduction in a big, car kiln and I wasn't super thrilled about the glazes and how they turned out but, I'm glad I pushed on with that one.


I also have some nice new high fire porcelain and stoneware mugs in my Etsy shop too...check them out here and go there if you feel compelled to take this to the next level.

Thanks for looking.

Friday, May 2, 2014

May Flowers

April showers are bringing ...more May showers, along with all the flowers...

We have been getting a lot of wet weather but not nearly as bad as my family down in Florida, they are practically floating away from all the rain storms. So in keeping with the Spring time theme here check out some new pieces that are being distributed around.

I will have new pieces available at Ton Pottery for the big Mother's Day Sale and Blossom Tour that is happening in that oh, so hip Lawrenceville area of Pittsburgh. I have new pieces in the kiosk at Beaver Falls Coffee & Tea Co. as well as new pieces in ye' ol' Etsy what are you waiting for? Your Mama called and she said she wanted some new handmade pottery for Mothers Day...don't disappoint Mama!

BTW if your keeping up with all the gossip, my porcelain affair is still going hot and heavy.