Monday, April 21, 2014

Spring Affair...

I have something to confess, I am having a new love affair. Its a little unusual but I think you might understand when you take a peek. I have her number...257...and shes white and pure as the driven snow, but strong too...and I love having my hands all over her body. I like it when she gets really hot and its great seeing her with a true blue friend...kinky huh? Not really...I am talking about Standard Ceramic's high fire porcelain #257.

In the last few posts I mentioned firing the car kiln at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts and how much I have become interested in the results. I have been playing with some new glazes and slips and have become blown away by how crisp and bright all the glazes look on the porcelain compared to stoneware. I mean BIG difference. So I decided to start throwing way more porcelain and gear a good portion of my work toward the gas kiln right now. I am still firing a good bit of cone 6 in the electric but I figured why not take advantage of having the car kiln at my disposal. The results are so sexy that I am going to keep on making more...AND, I'm not even sure how many decals I will be using...if any on some of these babies. Can it be I am just satisfied with the look of the blue celadon on the porcelain body...who knows...maybe. So I am just going to play it cool, take it easy and let this affair continue...let's see where it goes.

Check out the pics...Happy Spring and I hope you had a relaxing Easter...

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring or Close Enough...

high fire stoneware, celadon, laser transfer decals, commercial decals
Here in Western Pa. Spring has sorta sprung...sorta. It is warming up and yesterday was beautiful but it did snow just a few days ago too. Damn this crazy weather.

It is starting to feel like a weight is lifting off my head...that weight of our never ending winter...and I am finally getting more work finished. So here is just a short photo full post for your viewing pleasure. I am still dabbling with the high fire gas kiln and getting some nice results too...and if you are ready to celebrate a little good weather with a new mug...please go to my etsy shop by clicking here!!! I'm off to the Pirates game...lets go Buccos!