Sunday, December 29, 2013


As we punt 2013 as far down field as we can, lets not reminisce about the passing year's "best of" whatevers. Instead, lets look forward to a positive and productive new year from 2014.

I'm healing well from a recent surgery and looking forward to getting back into the studio and making lots of new work. I am also eager to jump into my new position as Ceramics Studio Coordinator at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. Since I have been stranded at home recuperating, I've been planning plotting and scheming about putting together workshops that cover an "everything but the kitchen sink" approach to surface design...think I'm right about there. I am even planning to make more sculptural objects in the very near know, so I can be asked "but what do I do with it"...I have missed that.

I would rather make plans... not resolutions.

Thank you for reading, following, looking and lurking. 
I hope you continue to do so.

Hello 2014.
Here I come.

Happy New Year.

(PS. interested in new music for the studio...recommendations for some good tunes ...see the comment section and feel free to post your own!)

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


First of all let me say thanks to those out there who have been supporting the know, buying my stuff for Christmas gifts! BUT not just my stuff...handmade stuff...handmade art and fine craft to be specific. You see I'm a supporter of the "war on the corporate, commercial and big box stores for Christmas" you haven't heard of that war on whatever for Christmas. It seems everybody has some cranky gripe about what is and is not done anymore for this holy, holy consumer why not just jump on the bandwagon with my own!! If you can't beat'em join 'em and drive them crazy and make them throw you out...that's my belief.

Just to let you know, there is still time to shop online and get it shipped before Christmas. I will keep shipping until this coming Friday 12/20.

I will also be manning the counter at Boutique 208 this Saturday!...So get off your damn devices and come on out in person and shop in real life...for real handmade and fine craft from local Pittsburgh folks,like me...Kirsten Lowe Rebel, Pittsburgh Pottery and many more!!! The Boutique is located smack downtown on 6th street...across from Heinz Hall...right near the restaurant 6 Penn...heck, come out and make a day of it!!!

I also want to make you aware of another wonderful cause...its a kickstarter project that my friends Dan Kuhn and Aasta Deth have ventured into. These guys are opening a large, pottery teaching studio complete with gallery component and all in the hip and happening area of Lawrenceville here in Pittsburgh. The name of it is called Ton Pottery. This is a really great space with "tons" of potential but they need our help getting it off the ground...please click on the link and check it out and GIVE then share it with a friend. Lets help build more small businesses like this one in our communities.
still some ornaments in ye'ol' Etsy shop!

Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Gangsters, Freaks, Pimps,Thugs and a little Arsenic for Xmas.

Just in time for the holidays..."fresh from the kiln" mugs and more. Like many of you out there I have been in a tizzy rushing around trying to finish pieces, and getting things ready for Christmas. The holidays are crazy enough just the way they are but I have to add in to the mix a little surgery to take care of a hernia issue...uuurrghh. Its an in and out procedure but its the recovery time that's really going to do me in.

That's another reason for my rushing around...I have been counting the days before I have to hit the hospital and trying to squeeze in another glaze firing or decal firing or just getting other pieces ready for when I am ready.

I do have some good news for an end of a crappy year to share...I got a new job. I am the new Ceramics Studio Coordinator for the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts...and I am thrilled! The PCA here in the steel city is a very well known and wonderful place and I will be taking up the reins for the ceramics department. Here's the link so you can check all they have to offer for yourself...WOOHOO!!!

I am going to keep on sharing more good news...I was included in this article from Pittsburgh Magazine...Pittsburgh Foodie Gift Guide : 15 ways you can keep it local this year....check this link . It is a great article and I am beyond happy to have been included in this stellar list of businesses and indie artists/crafters.

Ok, one more...I am with a new gallery/boutique smack square in the middle of downtown Pittsburgh...its called Boutique 208...the link will take you to their Facebook page. They are an artist run space in an awesome location and so far its going really well! If you are in the Pittsburgh area you should stop over and check it stuff, Kirsten Lowe Rebel's work, Pittsburgh Pottery's stuff and so much more!

But that's enough of me blowing my own horn here...check out the images of new work that I am loading up the Etsy store with!
my new candle-scapes...fits a tea light and illuminates nicely.

over size sweetness

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


The hits just keep on comin' small and online, support handmade, stay in your jammies.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Half Price Shipping!!!

HOLY SMOKES! homefry ceramics is offering HALF PRICE SHIPPING on CYBER MONDAY!

All work purchased from the homefry Etsy shop on 12/2 will receive half price shipping!!!

Click here in case you missed the links above.

Shop small and make it handmade!