Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Yep, the holidays are upon us for sure. Feel it? So often or not, what we feel is the crush of getting everything done that needs doing, preparing the food, running to the grocery store with the crowds because you forgot one small thing, cleaning before family comes over. We forget to enjoy these times.

I hope you can slow down( I hope I can slow down)and enjoy being with family and friends. I have some ideas how we can all do this.
1) Skip the madness of black Friday shopping.
2) Shop online or with local small businesses.
3) Shop with ME at homefry ceramics... I am just one click away...and you can stay in your jammies. 

Hey, anything to help the stress levels out there.

I have great holiday gifts and stocking stuffers over at my online shop ...and I am a fast shipper...just sayin'...Have a gander at some of my brand spanking new work here and head over to see what else I have at homefry ceramics!!!

Have a relaxing Thanksgiving ...breathe...

coffee pour over sets!!

starfish bowl sets!!

several different types of handmade clay ornaments!!!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

MORE...I Made It!

I am  busy cranking it out right now...I have even enlisted help to get my decals all done...thank goodness for the kindness and willingness of others to lend a helping hand!!!!!

Check out the cool info video for the upcoming I Made It! event ...hope to see you next weekend!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Double K at the IMI...

What the heck does that mean, you ask?

Well folks, let me tell you, it means me and my friend and fellow artist Kirsten Lowe-Rebel will be sharing a space in the upcoming I Made It! for the Holidays at the Waterfront here in Pittsburgh. This is a really cool, Indie, Pop-up like, indoor, art and crafts festival that happens the Friday and Saturday before Thanksgiving. The location is awesome as well, the Waterfront is an outdoor shopping "mall"... it has a lot of name brand shops and will be heavily trafficked.

Check out Kirsten's great work here  and here ...and in the below image. Looking forward to it and hope to see you the link for I Made It! and check out all the links for all the participating artists...I think you should come!

I will have lots of new work as forms...come one, come all...step right up...

Hope to see you this holiday season...oh yeah, you can always shop my Etsy in case you miss me in here for the homefry Etsy shop....I wouldn't want you to miss out now! Stay warm out there!!!
PS. check out the music video by The Head and the Heart over on the left...get through the minute and a half chatter at the start and its awesome...from the new record.