Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Been A While...

Oh, Hello...remember me?
 It has been a good while since my last post...I admit it. I thought I have moved on from this blog. Although, maybe not. Honestly, I'm a bit undecided about the fate of homefry sketchbook. Just know that its me...not you. I thought I needed some know, to get my head together. But here I am again...back at your virtual doorstep...and I am bringing lots of juicy pics for you to check out. For some reason you keep me coming back...not sure I can quit you.

So lets just leave it at explanations, no details, no anything but a load of new work to have a gander at...

Please feel free to comment...I do love that...I miss the way some of you would talk such sweet words and the way others would bashfully just lurk in the darkness of the internet. And if your interested in seeing more of me...because I would love to see more of you....follow me on Instagram @khouser922 because I have been living through my cell phone camera quite a lot lately. AND if you want to get serious...visit my Etsy shop... ...where there is plenty of work to purchase.

Enjoy the pics. click to enlarge and just remember that I love you.