Monday, June 16, 2008

Bursting before Chautauqua...

The garden that is...bursting.... just before I leave for NY and just as I have returned from Fla. on the worst plane ride of my life. A great vacation with the family in a beautiful location in the panhandle right smack on the beach. We ate good seafood and all browned our buns on the beach. But the ride home from the Pensacola Airport to Atlanta and supposedly to Pittsburgh...was a much different story. The AirTran flight was hour from the jump at Pensacola. Then 25 minutes late in Atlanta and another 30-45 minutes because they could not get the door was jammed with the jet ramp that people use to de-plane. That alone should have been a warning to me...let somebody else have your seats. Finally after circling the Pittsburgh airport in a holding pattern due to the zero visibility caused by heavy fog, the captain says we are flying to the Akron/Canton airport in Ohio. After much deliberation from the captain and crew after landing at this tiny airport that was closed for the night...yes...CLOSED...nobody there until the morning, we all spent the wee hours in a very uncomfortable air terminal. There were not enough pillows or blankets...really nothing was provided to all of us. Finally at 9 am another crew came and we flew the brief 20 minutes to Pittsburgh...Kelli and I had been awake for more than 24 hours and stranded in Ohio since 3 Am. We finally made it home at 12:30 Sunday afternoon. YOW!

After all that I need something to meditate on, and my flower beds are really starting to rev up. So enjoy the slide show posted above and check out my new bird feeder from can find more stuff by her on her etsy shop, the link is on the side bar...also, does anybody know what type of allium I have in the images? I planted two types and cant remember either...I would like to get more bulbs...hmmmm. Well, anyways, breathe deep buckaroos and enjoy my post from NY.

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