Friday, October 17, 2008

Pots and Pumpkins...

Finally...sometimes it is hard to find the time to do anything, that includes pumping out a blog post. This weekend is the big Potters' Tour for our area. It is actually pretty big this year...7 studios and 18 potters total participating...including me. I will be showing at the studio with Nancy just like last year. Its a beautiful weekend for the tour ...crisp, dry Autumn in the foothills with the leaves at their peak. Hope its a good turn out.

We fired the train for the second time and it went a little easier. I only had about 10 pieces in this load. Nancy, Cindy Rogers, and Dan Boone filled the kiln mostly so they did the long haul through the night, and I came at 7 am to finish up.

We were all pleased with the end result after we opened the kiln...Nancy's candlesticks and cups looked great...even loved the crusty birdhouse that sat in front of the ash bed.

Here's a shot of my group from the train and a shot of the train chugging along early in the mornin'.

My new decal images worked really well on a few of the new pieces...

The images are from my garden passing and some of the herbs going to seed. I have taken those flora silhouettes and mixed them with other various elements to create these small, strange, garden dream moments existing in a world of wood ash, shino glazes and pebbled surfaces from the soda.

Well, gentle reader, I am glad I could finally share this past firing and some of the work that came out of it...I will snap away at the tour this weekend and post next week...if your in the area,I hope to see ya..and if your not...well, then I guess your just not...until then...Think pumpkins!

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Anonymous said...

Psst.. I am no longer just a lurker...

From Little Mahoning, we ambled over gravel roads, passed horses and buggys (or should it be buggies? That is probably right, but I don't like it) down to Birch's. We let our dogs, who were cooped up in the Jeep while we were walking and looking, play with Lucy for a bit.

Good seeing you today. Thanks for the tumbler!

I hope the rest of the weekend goes well for you.

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