Sunday, July 25, 2010

Taking A Break...

Its nice to go places but its always nice to come back home too. I am taking a breather from the Chautauqua bubble right now and I am back home in PA this weekend. There are many things that need my attention here...mainly my garden. There is a whole lot of weedin' to be done throughout the veggie patch and all the flower beds. My garden is in need of a good deal of TLC...the tomato plants are falling over, the basil needs cut back, and I need to wrangle in these crazy pumpkin vines somehow. As I type this post out however, I am watching a nice summer storm pour down on everything so even my favorite chores will have to wait... But first things first this morning...I got to use my new majolica batter bowl from Christy Culp to whip up a batch of pancakes for me and the girls...and whats the morning without a whole lot of fresh ground Sumatra beans to go with the fluffy and savory goodness that is breakfast. I have missed drinking from my Ayumi Horie mug, so it was an easy pick for my morning java. Thanks for the great looking & functioning bowl Christy!
I will be returning to CHQ tomorrow...back to the ceramic studio. Our visiting faculty for this week will be Jim Connell from North Carolina and Jim McDowell from the steel city...Pittsburgh for those of you who don't know. We are also firing the salt kiln this week now that we have new blowers and Dan has repaired the pilot on one of the burners. Be watching for more pics and posts.

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christyculp said...

Whoa..totally missed my Homefry debut!! Glad you're enjoying!