Saturday, August 7, 2010

So close now...

We are planning to un-brick the salt kiln tomorrow. Like kids before Christmas morning, we are all anxious to see if we got what we wanted. Me, Dan Kuhn, Justin Lambert, and the 5 resident students that are with us here in the Chautauqua bubble loaded it on Wednesday afternoon. Dan then candled it until 3 am, woke up, and started giving her a little more gas. We started putting a little more than 10 pounds of salt in around 10-ish Thursday night. After salting for a while Justin then began a reduction cooling until he finally shut off everything around 3:30 am. Here are a few shots of the firing complete with our sweet salt shovel made by the sculptor Lee Tribe back in 2008. I will post shots of the opening and the work very soon! In the images below: Marissa Pullins from Maryville College in Tenn. gets the smores going(very important while firing)...John Moses Girdler(also from Maryville shovels in a snoot full of salt while Dan pulls the plugs...Miranda Ott(completing the Maryville holy trinity) loads me up for more salty fun.

On another note, this Monday marks the final week of our art school summer felt like it went by so fast and it felt like it went by so slow...all at the same time. Soon enough I will be back sitting on my deck, cooking out, and wrangling in the pumpkins from my garden.

Enjoy the images and stay tuned for more.

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Unknown said...

Janet and i missed you guys so much. We've had a strange summer , some hope , some disaster, my best friends beautiful wife died suddenly and on the other hand, I've retired from my last JOB , spell that Jobe. marcmzimetbaum