Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summertime and...

Wow, I am just about half way into June and this is my first post of the month...what a slacker...or it could be that there is a lot of activity going on away from the laptop. I will admit to a bit of both in this case. I do have a lot going on right now...and I may have some big news to announce in a couple weeks as well...hate to leave you hanging but I just need to know a bit more before I shout it out. And speaking of summertime, I am about to make my annual trek down to the sugary beaches of FLA to see my family, soak up the sun(along with plenty of handmade Bloodymarys), and eat my fill of fresh, fresh seafood!

Before I go and get all sunburned however I had some more regional travel to do...I have just returned from a few days of sweaty attic cleaning back at my other house in Indiana, Pa...that along with a nice visit with Nancy at Little Mahoning Creek Pottery where I shot a whole boatload of images for everybody involved with the Indiana County Potters Tour. During the summer while everybody is busy making and firing, we also have to think about the advertisement for the upcoming tour in October. Next thing you know, Fall will be knocking on the door.

Tall hooter vase from Nacy Smeltzer

It was my pleasure to shoot the images that will be included in the brochure advertising the tour.  For those of you who might be newer to the ol' homefry blog click this link to check out the post from last year's tour. It was good to see people's faces that I had not seen in a while and also good to commune a bit over beer and Nancy's homemade pizza while I shot images. Its too easy to get so consumed in my own little going-ons that I forget about the fact that there is a thriving community of very talented potters all tucked away in the foothills of Indiana County...and I have proof. So I thought I would share a little of whats coming this Fall...I know its a long time from now and we are all trying to savor every drop of summertime, but hey...what the heck...its something to look forward to. The group, where I am always the guest potter at Nancy's studio, will not only be having the always well attended tour this Fall but will also be showing work at the Clay Place in Pittsburgh and very possibly with the Artist Hand Gallery(more about this place later!) that is opening in Indiana, PA too. I am very pleased to be part of this small but strong community...enjoy the pics(click to see bigger) and I will talk at ya' when I am back from the beach!
Tumbler set from Cathy Bizousky
Birch Frew
Janet Runyan

Michael Smithhammer

Bob Bonnet
Whooooo's mug?....Nancy Smeltzer's mug!

Josh Floyd
Ruth Ferrier

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