Thursday, March 6, 2014

Take a Class!


Thought I would mention that I am teaching three classes this upcoming term at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. If you are in the Pittsburgh area, maybe one of these three classes are for you!

Raku : A Twist on Tradition

Intermediate Ceramics

On the Surface : Creating Intricate Surface Design

Above are the links for each should take you to the same place and from there you can read a description of each once you click on the title. All three classes are 8 weeks and all three explore a different type of firing for the work completed in class. Raku,obviously, intermediate will mainly make work for the high fire reduction kiln, and  the surface class is geared toward multiple firings in the electric kiln. A little something for everybody.

Come on out Pittsburgh and get your hands dirty with me...

imagine the possibilities!

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