Friday, January 18, 2008

New mugs and...

I'm posting images of some of my new work that won't be appearing on my Etsy site...well, at least not any time soon. This first image is a wood fired mug with shino glazes and a Rob's green over the lip. It sports one of my new decal images in a wrap-around fashion...this series of images I'm calling "winter structures." This particular image is the top portion of a large tree near my home now bare for the winter season.

This is the "Fool's Gold" mug ...a wood fired beauty that I have refired 2 more times. The first 04 decal is that of a prostitute which I lifted from a 15th century German wood block print. The second is a gold lustre commercial decal that was fired at a much lower temperature...gotta have that bling!

Here's a great little tea cup....I love this piece, the picture does not do this cup justice. Juicy, juicy, reduced slip... good must have been in the sweetest spot inside the kiln.

These are wall tiles that I created in collaboration with my friend Nancy Smeltzer. Nancy is a wonderful potter with a unique and distinctive style. She is the one person operation that is Little Mahoning Creek Pottery. This also happens to be where I have been wood firing for the last couple of years and the main place where I am the squatter potter! Nancy made the forms and I created the images by layering laser printed decals and commercial decals in a surreal collage.

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Jessica Sharrah said...

Great stuff! Welcome to the blog world!!!!