Monday, January 28, 2008

Top Ten from 07'

Dear gentle reader,
If any of you are like me, you might say 2007 was not that great of a year...but it did have a handful (two handfuls really) of memorable and/or standout moments... or maybe just some things that made the whole stinking year a little more tolerable. So this is how bored you can be on snowy days stuck in the house, here is my top ten from the year that was 2007. These are in NO ORDER...none, nada, that would be way too much work for this blog writer. Feel free to get cozy and bored with me and leave your top ten list in the comments. Here goes...(are you hearing a drum role too).

10. Graduating with an M.F.A.
9. Wife, daughter and I cruise to Bermuda for the week!
8. Wilco CD...Sky Blue Sky
7. Daughter's first day of kindergarten
6. Dale Chihuly exhibit at Phipps Conservatory...great plants, surreal glass landscapes,awesome
5. Artist residency @ Artist Enclave at I-Park...1 month...East Haddam, CT. work,work,work
4. Having my work chosen for the postcard of 'small works' exhibit...Lillstreet Art Center,
3. First big NFL game...Steelers vs. hometown and my adopted new one...SNOW!
2. Seeing the Yo La Tengo "concert" at the Warhol, intimate,wife and I sat in 2nd row middle,
amazingly cool and beautiful
1. My little girl's face this past Christmas...Santa is so alive at five...


Unknown said...

houser... you rock... great work... cool blog!

Jessica Sharrah said...

:) Here's to an awesome '08!