Friday, February 8, 2008

Cloud Trucker

So you are sitting around again on a perfectly good Saturday Night...well here is something fun you and yours(the computer) can do together. This is a live feed from a party in Pittsburgh, Pa. where my friends are playing ...Cloud Trucker! The show is Saturday, Feb.9..starts around 10:00 pm ...They are a great, fun, kinda goofy band...think Ween or in their own words; freestyle, ghettotech, pop. Its sure to be a fun little gig to tune into...not only fun to see/hear them, but remember it is a party, so anything could happen! Tuning into a webcast is a great excuse to go absolutly nowhere and always be there too.

You can also see/hear more of Cloud Trucker:

Hope you check it out, I will be watching in my jammies too!

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