Sunday, April 20, 2008

Niagara, Eh?

As falls Niagara Falls, so falls a whole lot of chunks o' ice...

Niagara Falls blew my mind...the roaring power of the falls was truly awesome. The above video is from the Canadian side, where my wife and daughter and I stayed. The high season had not really geared up yet and there was plenty of ice flowing down the river. To a Florida boy like me, the upper river looked like Antarctica as it was still congested with ice. We stood at the precipice of Horseshoe Falls and watched the mini-icebergs go falling over.

This was my first visit to the natural wonder and I couldn't help shooting a whole bunch of pictures...thought I would share a few with you, gentle reader. The below video is of the aptly titled Rainbow Falls on the American side...soundtrack provided by my daughter...enjoy!

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