Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ceramics Retrospective in the Bubble...

The recently opened exhibition, The Chautauqua Ceramics Retrospective, is a great looking clay show. The exhibition opened this past Tuesday at the new gallery here in the Cha, and it looks like it might be a sell out...not surprising though because the work is superb and really shines in the space...also, who doesn't like the tactile quality of ceramics whether for utilitarian purposes or not. The show was put together by visiting faculty and long term Chautauquan Jeff Greenham. Jeff is the man who is responsible for the strength of the ceramics department. He has been putting his sweat into the program for many years now. It is from his lengthy tenure here, that Jeff was able to put this 20 year retrospective together. I took a bunch of images but only a few came out that are here are some highlights and lucky shots from the show...below is Ron Meyers, Kris Lyons, Val Cushing and another Cushing. I also got to meet Ron Meyers and his wife when they dropped off a couple pieces for the show. Very nice and he seems a lot like his work.

The next few images are Jeff Greenham & Julia Galloway in the foreground, then Alec Karros with his dirt clay and last, Matt West. Click on the images to enlarge. The show is representative of the people who have been visiting faculty in the past 20 years. Some of the other people in the exhibition included Frank and Polly Martin, Ed Eberle, and Scott Cornish. The show was initially shown in a smaller version in a crappy space for NCECA in the 'Burgh. It really deserved the type of space that it has now...I just wish more people might see it other than the small dedicated group within the bubble here...ahh, but that is the way it is here.

Jeff Greeham leaves this week and a new guy will come in on Monday...and I am sorry but I do not know the new guy's name...he is a replacement for Scott Cornish who could not make it. The above picture is the other current visiting clay faculty, Alec Karros, vigorously wedging his top soil infused clay with Greenham over his shoulder talking to a student...

As for me, I am a little worn out...but I am still able to produce a little bit of work. I have been firing an insane number of times and if I am not firing a kiln, I am working on a kiln. So as I finish pieces up, I will post images of some of my new mugs and things next time...until then, beware of the Giant Chautauquan Lake Squid!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Kyle! Its Kit, I got home a few hours ago and I had to check out your blog! I love the picture of alec! If you ever do any print workshops in baltimore emailme! (
I hope to see you next year or sooner!

Ps.... Aeroplane over the sea is one of my all time favorite albums!

Anonymous said... time you see Jeff Greenham...Jeff, I saw your work in S.C. - Waukema - I've been searching for Jeff's sister for years...literally. Please have him or her contact me...I'm an old school friend and spent one summer with the family in Chautauqua. I appreciate any help you might be able to give...Tell Laura that Sig has been looking for her for many, many years. She'll understand, I hope.