Friday, September 19, 2008

by the way...

I just got this piece back from Touchstone Center for Crafts...I was invited to exhibit a piece in their most recent show and this is the one I sent them. This wall platter was fired in the newly built train kiln and then I finished it with my decal and some nice shiny gold lustre ...its gotta have a little bling...and then just sent it out. I never got to live with it or let the finished piece sink in visually with me. I am pleased to have it back now, if just for a little while. I was happy about the finished had the quality that I was looking for...and that does not always happen. The glaze and ash from the wood fire become a deep abstract sky for my digital photograph turned fired decal of the bird in the bare branches, to perch in the foreground. The gold lustre adds to the idea of a wild sky swirling and twinkling with stars. This platter continues to push me into more ideas for some 2-d work...I have always said that I am a painter trapped in a ceramist's body!

And I also received this link to this great slide show of the Tallahassee International...that's the show where I am currently showing a larger wall installation and another small scale piece... there is a wide variety of types of work in this show and I am thrilled to be in the exhibit. Although a clay guy at heart, I am a big advocate of showing in a bigger/broader arena. Ceramics is cozy and sometimes a little too insular for my taste...this is one of several reasons I like to try and jury into shows that are not medium specific. So click on the link folks and enjoy the show!

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Tina Jockel said...

kyle, so hoping to see this piece or others similar this coming weekend on the potters tour in indiana county...i LOVE this!