Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Landscape #1: Tubors and Corms...

Yes. Thank You.
January 9, 2009 - February 6, 2009
Opening Reception
January 16, 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
The Brew House Space 101 Gallery is located
at the corner of 21st and Mary Street,
South Side, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15203.

An affirmation in a time of crisis.
Free market economics has triggered the onset of The Great Depression 2.0. The planet is getting so hot you could light a cigarette just by holding it outside your car window. The Large Hadron Collideris on the verge of creating a Black Hole that could swallow up the Earth. As we dive headlong into the Apocalypse, let's take a moment to breathe, relax and engage in contemporary Art!
...and that gentle readers is the curator's statement for this show...I am happy to be included in this very promising exhibition of wildly diverse and edgy art works. I feel like I am in good company here...colleagues and others whom I think highly of are included in this show. Pittsburgh based artist, Tom Estlack, put the whole thing together and has been great about communicating all the details via emails. The space is very Pittsburgh, it is an actual old brewery that has been reborn into gallery space, theatre space, and artist co-op studios up above. Heck, Estlack is even putting out a small catalog that will accompany the show.
I am happy to be showing brand spankin' new work...what I feel is the beginning of a series of "paintings". The "paintings" are all ceramic forms combined with materials like astro turf and flocking. The series is based on the concept of a landscape but swerves deeply into the realm of fictionalized space...space that is populated by elements related to the idea of a garden, all the while entangled in memory, both shared and personal...grandma's kitschy ceramics grow roots and take over the world.

I have posted a few crappy images I shot quickly after installing today...I promise I will have better images of this work next time...hey, if you are in the Pittsburgh area stop by and check out the show for yourself.


Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

"Grandma's kitschy ceramics growing roots and taking over the world..." Great! Love it! Looking forward to your other new pieces, i.e. astro turf/clay combos. I'll keep coming back to see what you're up to! Congrats on your show.

MudStuffing Pottery said...
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MudStuffing Pottery said...

Niiiiiice! I think I heard somewhere that flocking is the new velvet, you just can't go wrong with flocking. Gina has been trying to find a source to flock her stuff, she wants to flock everything in the house. Can't wait to see more!

Kit said...

hey kyle/kiln guy! its been so long since chatauqua but i just recently started a blog (kbstonethrower.blogspot.com fyi) with my friend and thought id check yours out again. also I felt i should warn you that the baltimore ravens are going to obliterate you steelers.

Kit said...

Thanks, yeah today I found out that everything is going to be totally fine. And RAVENS are going to own you. We will be celebrating on your field while Ward and Rothlesburger watch crying and having temper tantrums. I BET YOU A MUG were gonna win.

Kit said...

oh no it seems i will have my latte delivered by a fellow fan.
and yeah I got a mug, sans pretty decals but it wont matter because the RAVENS and I are going to win.