Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Good to the last bowl...

The Empty Bowls event was a big success and so well attended...I was happy to be able to make a meager donation to the cause. In between student teacher observations Tuesday, I was able to eek out 30 minutes to come and plop down ten bucks and eat some yummy gumbo. The place was packed and every potter and artist who lives in the region was there either eating or lending a hand. In the image above, the artist Kamal Youssef finished off the last of his soup from one of my bowls!

Betty Hedman got this ball rolling and did a great job getting all involved...this is Betty eating soup from one of Nancy Smeltzer's bowls...serving up the chicken noodle is Don Hedman, retired IUP ceramics professor and master potter.

Local potter Gary Stam relaxes after hot soup on this cold, cold PA day... the bowl with the greenish stripes is my treasure from the by Betty Hedman. The next image is of Cindy Rogers dishing out some of her husbands fantastic the background is Nancy who also volunteered her time to serve up the soup.

A wonderful cause with all the money going to the Indiana County Food Bank and hopefully an event that will happen on an annual basis here in the greater metropolitan area of Indiana, PA. This 3 hour event raised over 2,200 dollars.
...and that's the news its time to get in the studio...later.

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