Sunday, March 8, 2009

Simple activity...

We have had a few warmer days in a row up here in western Pa...hell, it sure feels like the coming of spring maybe...but maybe not. One thing I have learned up here, is that winter lasts a long time. But it has been these few nice days that have gotten me into the studio and talking with Nancy about firing another cone 6 salt and heck, even talking about firing the train kiln in May!
Like me, the garden seems eager for a change of weather too...the dewdrops and crocus were popping their little heads up through the mulch. I shot some images of the little feller's early last week and by now, those and plenty more are all open, but its been the grey overcast sky and steady rain that has kept me from shooting them the last couple days. Instead I got a chance to get back in the studio...10 big mugs from my rich chocolate brown clay. I think I am changing my name to "Big Mugs Magee".These and some other pieces I am throwing from the two new cone 6 salt bodies that Nancy mixed up, will be going into the next cone 6 salt firing on April 1.
I wish all I had to do was to get some nice mugs made and watch the new season begin to unfold, but unfortunately I have a busy couple of months ahead of me.
With this post, I am making a point to remind myself how simple yet satisfying these two activities are for me..."get out and look at whats growing and get back into the studio and start growing my own work"...words I will try and live least for a while anyways.
Enjoy gentle reader...enjoy, whatever you can.

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.Ashley.Lin. said...

AWESOME!!! WORK.WORK.WORK. life is work..right..!? urgh.
you're doing a great job balancing it all out. seriously. you're a good hard workn'man. i can't wait to see the new mighty mugs completed!