Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Good Clay Gone Bad...

I'm feeling good...the semester is over, my grades are turned in, and all the paperwork is complete. I'm enjoying a little quiet time around the house and thought why not post a few images of "GOOD CLAY GONE BAD!!" ...I have been digging around in the garden and chomping at the bit to put in some veggies and herbs while the rest of the flowers have been popping up...daffodils, tulips, alium, columbine and so many more. While out in the garden, I have been admiring my collection of "garden pots". I know every potter has them...pots that are seconds and thirds, fourths, fifths, sixths and so on but there is something about them that for some reason they never see the shard pile. Well, my yard is full of them...all for one reason or another, a hole, a crack, or something, they found their home in my garden. The pic above is Max with a blown out Raku totem-ish sculpture peaking behind mounds of wood hyacinths...the piece in front of him is a large corm piece of mine, there are two more similar stashed here and there.

This was a really nice bowl, that is before it cracked in the its a helpful back fill bowl, I usually truck my compost in to pack in around new plantings.

I fired this guy in grad school. Its a rugged clay body fired in a wood kiln, then fired it again in the electric with my decal graphic image, that's where it cracked. Its great border edging material currently.

I really liked the shape of this one, I also liked the way the glaze fired out...I liked it all except for the big crack in the bottom...oh well, more creative garden edging for the beds.

This was a nice size piece that was just full of issues...glaze problem, wobbly legs, surface name it... Now its kinda nice in the garden with its anthropomorphic handles, it looks like its screaming from behind the daffodils.

This is the first year that the wood hyacinth actually bloomed through this piece, I did not plant it in there , it just found its way up and through the open bottom of this terra-cotta piece...if you look closely you can see a wood fired and decal-ed mug wedged in the gap. It was good up until I dropped it while carrying to much at once. Speaking of wood fired, Nancy and I have set June 1 and 2 as the dates for firing the train kiln. I have a mess of B-mix and I'm ready to start throwing this week...I wish you all more pots and gardening in your near future.


Maria said...

I am in love with your work ... but not as much as I am in love with that adorable dachshund!!

k.houser said...

This is why I do NOT feature that little weiner more...outdone by a dachshund

sheilabythebeach said...

Your creative use of ceramics in the yard sure hit home! Thank goodness for yards, a pot is sometimes not good enough for one use but too good to just throw out. I'm thinking shards as the yard fills up!