Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Got wood...fire?

I came across this while doing some reading...thought I would share. I'm looking forward to firing, can you tell?

..."But the changes wrought by fire are changes in substance: that which has been licked by fire has a different taste in the mouths of men. That which fire has shone upon retains as a result an ineffaceable color. That which fire has caressed, loved, adored, has gained a store of memories and lost its innocence. Through fire everything changes."

...Gaston Bachelard's "The Psychoanalysis of Fire"


Anonymous said...

great pic and great quote... it's surprising to see bachelard quoted, haven't read the book excerpted but always love "the poetics of space", i also saw that you like my morning jacket and fleet foxes... one more than the other?

k.houser said...

was given that book by Bachelard by an artist I had an exhibition for, Lee Renninger...we discussed "the Poetics of Space"...I had not read it and she turned me on to it and later sent "The Psych. of Fire"...and I loved that quote, especially since Im about ready to fire the wood kiln...as far as MMJ, I have been into them longer...since "It Still Moves"...but I do like that Fleet Foxes cd...Im listening to the new Iron and Wine double Cd big time right now although, that and Andrew Bird's last one still...Im a music freak.