Friday, October 23, 2009

Filling the ol' shopping cart...

Howdy readers! This is my post studio tour post, and I am here to report that Nancy and I did pretty well ...despite a very chilly and constant drizzle on Saturday. I have talked with a couple other people that were on the tour and they also said good things. Its good to see that in our very sluggish economy, with all our current issues and problems, people will still come out and enjoy the natural beauty of the season in the foothills of PA and spend a little money buying quality hand made art my pottery.

This week I have been hard at work in every moment of my spare time, snapping off pictures of my work and getting them all put on my Etsy site. If you do not know should. This is an awesome global network for hand made art and vintage items. There is something like 150,000 stores on the site and its in 50 countries. I am loading up my "homefry::eclectic ceramics" shop with a good deal of work that I had left from the tour...heck, I already sold 3 pieces this week by doing this. I will be giving discounted shipping rates and deals on some fine wood fired, salt fired and other misc. funky and wonderful utilitarian pottery.

In all Honestly, this post is yet another shameless advertisement for my online shop. That's right, the only redeeming shred of content in this post is the images of the work that I am posting as a preview for what is selling in my shop....geeeezzzz what a pottery selling commercial whore. I feel cheap, naughty and a little dirty, I like this! I should get myself drunk and maybe keep some of this sexy wood fired work to myself...hubba, hubba. Quick somebody stop me, I have no self control.

OK,Ok,ok, I take it back, I am posting a some images from the studio tour to help regain my dignity...what little I have left.

Hope to see you in the shop!


Anonymous said...

congrats on getting your etsy shop up. i'm viewing the holiday season as a litmus to see if it's worth all the work. your decal work should do good, it seems to me (might be wrong though) that the decal work does very well on there

Anonymous said...

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