Saturday, November 7, 2009

Abundant Sunshine...

That has got to be one of my favorite weather forcasts...abundant sunshine. When I hear that and I am on my way up to the studio, I grab my camera. Its always good shootin' around the studio when the light is good...especially now. We have had some pretty cool weather and a number of good frosts and most everything has once agin been transformed...changed into strange, shrivled, shrunken heads of their former selves. It is just as interesting a time as Spring when all things come alive...well, almost...anyways, its another great seasonal change.
I am heading back up as soon as I finish this post to trim and add handles and throw a little more for Monday's studio time. Its another gorgeous, almost late Fall, day here in foothills of the Aleghany Mountains. I am busy making pieces for our upcoming firing of the Bourry Box kiln at the begining of December, as well as working on a few new sculptural pieces that are way off the beaten path of my wood fired functional ware...I will post those images soon.
Also, a big thanks to all that have been traffic-ing my etsy shop...homefry::eclectic ceramics...I have had a good number of sales in the last couple weeks...and hoping for more ;>)
Enjoy the images and stay warm!


Anonymous said...

lovely evocative autumn images... glad to hear the etsy sales are going good.

MudStuffing Pottery said...

Happy thanksgiving!