Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snow and fire...

'Tis the season...just finished firing the wood kiln last night. Nancy Smeltzer and I fired the bourry box kiln in 18 hours or so, with a little help from some friends. It was also our first winter snow storm. It started around 10:00pm Friday night and didn't let up until late Saturday night. The snow made the roads a little treacherous but it was not blowing and I guess if all you had to do was chuck wood into a kiln for the whole day, it was rather beautiful. Nancy started it about 3:00am, our friend Cindy Rogers(below) came to take a turn at 7:30am. The kiln climbed steadily all day and we put in the soda mixture with Dan Boone(pictured below) and Nance and I cleared it out for a little while, then closed her up.

Below is an image of Nancy blowing back the flame so she can see our flattened cone11!

Just like kids at Christmas, we are eager to see the goods...we will be opening Tuesday afternoon and hopefully having a little celebration of sorts. I have around 30 pieces in this firing and most are bigger pieces; platters, large vase, pitchers and bowls. I will try and post them on here before Christmas Eve...Speaking of which, I'd like to say thanks for continuing to tune into this ol' blog and I hope you have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday,Great New Year and wish you many more to come. ....until next time gentle reader.

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