Monday, December 13, 2010


The "Self Serve Pottery Kiosk" is now installed within its very first Pennsylvania location...The Philly Street Cafe in Indiana, PA. YAAA-HOOOOO!
Adam Paulek drove up from Virginia at the end of last week and we spent a couple days hanging out and getting the ol' Self Serve Pottery Kiosk ready for business. He showed me the ins and outs of running the kiosks and we also got another ready to head out into the Steel City. Pictured above is Adam "the brains behind the kiosk" Paulek inside the Cafe after we finished with the install. Below are a few images of the lovely proprietors of the Cafe...Leslie Swentosky and her husband and daughter...quite the family affair! Also, here's a real glamour shot of the outside of this wonderful Cafe. Our downtown has been experiencing a bit of a renaissance and The Philly Street Cafe is one of several locally owned and operated businesses to open recently.

So come on over and warm up in this spacious but cozy cafe...enjoy their delicious coffee, bagels and lunch sandwiches...I know I have already, and I'm planning to continue!

....and if your there, check out that darn cool Self Serve Pottery Kiosk!
Stay warm folks and buy hand made for the holidays!!!

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Blake Anthony said...

awesome-brilliant idea.