Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A little bit of sunshine...

I just wanted to share a little ray of sunshine with everybody today...
If you know me you know I'm a chatty person and love meeting and talking with art folk or "interested in" art folk. I used to love doing festivals back in the late nineties because I got to gab about my work all day. These days however, there is a strange sense of anonymity with selling my work online as well as blogging about it. This can be a good thing, but honestly, it can be pretty non-personal too. I miss the chit-chat and actually seeing the person with whom I'm dealing with so I make a point to be open and communicative to all who want to communicate with me. Selling my work online does have its advatages, like being able to collapse the space between us all and reach so many people in so many places...its why I continue to blog. Although sometimes the blog seems like a real one way road but the stats tell me different. So it sure brightens my day to get a note like the one below instead of simply the invoice from an anonymous buyer(which I don't really mind either)...but thanks Kelly...hope you dont mind but Im just spreadin' the love! Wishing you a speedy recovery!

Dear Kyle,

Just a short note to catch up a little. I purchased your tray and pu pu bottle just before Christmas and want you to know that I just couldn't be happier with either purchase. I enjoyed our communication so very much and regret that I have not been around etsy, or even on line for that matter as I had been suffering badly with my back, and have just recently been recovering from long needed spinal surgery. Somehow sitting at my computer chair seems to be one of the most painful things I can do at this point!

I really do love your work, however and happened to find your excellent menu mug. Adored the blue button tankard when I saw it previously, and now, absolutely love them together. I look very much forward to receiving additional pieces of your work and keeping in touch with you in the near future. Keeping my eyes open for the yellow electric kiln work you previously mentioned.

I hope all is well in your no doubt snowy world, and that you and your family are all well and warm.

Warmest blessings from your fan,

:^) Kelly"

LOVED it, send more people like that my way...and by the way, I almost forgot to tell you guys...I got juried into the Red Lodge Clay Center's National Juried Exhibition, "Craftsmanship:Concept:Innovation" will be in May 6 - May 29. I am very pleased to have a piece accepted into this exhibition. I heard there was a whole lot of submissions. Its the pic on the top of this post..."Seasonal"

Hope all this puts a warm feeling in your tummies.


christyculp said...

Congratulations Kyle!!! Are they putting the show up online!! I'd live to see the whole thing. You gonna deliver that sweetie in person? The snow might be melted by then...

barbaradonovan said...

I liked that menu mug too. The "gaseous" dodo was a hoot as well.