Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Indiana County Potters' Tour Time

The hillsides have turned to rust and gold and up until recently we have been enjoying a bit of Indian summer here in western PA...must be time for the Potters' Tour! That's right kids, pack your snacks and hop in the car for a tour of this county's beautiful back roads and the warm and rustic ceramic studios that inhabit them! Here's the link for the website complete with maps...just click here.

Nancy Smeltzer and I at Little Mahoning Creek Pottery will be ready and waiting for you with "still warm" pots fresh from the wood kiln. I'm not kidding, we are firing another kiln load on Thursday!

Here's a few samples of some of my brand spankin' new work(and some yet to be fired)above and below...hope to see you this weekend...October 15-16!


Mesnic said...

hello, I have to ask, how did you do the line work on those pieces? It's so perfect it looks like decals but I didn't think you could do decals in a wood firing... well what ever it is it's beautiful!

barbaradonovan said...

Cool - love to see fresh pots and hope y'all have a great sale. (Maybe one day you'll update the on line shop too....just sayin').

Hope removing the 80s charm from the new digs is progressing :)

christyculp said...

I'll be stopping in on Sunday afternoon...please put a sweet juicy decal-ed mug away for me....I know all the good ones will be gone by the time we swing around!!!

k.houser said...

thanks for the comments everybody!

Mesnic...they are decals...laser transfer ones...the decals are fired after the wood firing in an electric kiln to cone 04...thanks for asking...I swear I will update my ETSY shop after the sale ......I SWEAR!...
See you Sunday Ms. Culp!