Saturday, January 14, 2012

Its High Time...

And no, I'm not talking about your favorite magazine. Its high time I got back to getting dirty...and no, I'm not talking about your other favorite magazine...I'm talking about getting back to making art...making pottery...making something in my new space.
I have successfully set up a fairly decent work space in the basement of our new, old place here in Beaver Falls. I am not showing full pics of it quite yet...but here is a teaser...dig my fancy throwing stool!
It is not the rustic, picturesque setting of Little Mahoning Creek Pottery...I can not swing open the big barn style doors on the side of the studio space and let the outdoors in, but it is an OK space and there are basement windows(that do not open) that let a little light may be a bit leaky on one side...but that's the other side of the basement and the little river doesn't run through my stuff. There is plenty of room for me to make work and also to store work...and to photograph the work. Besides, every time I move stuff around in the basement I find cool my new stool, these super cool Star Wars balls(below) and vintage "lounge" items like funky 70's style beer glasses and an array of ash trays from all over the place. The kiln will be coming but first I need to plug that leak in the wall...small waterfall where the down spouts run into the ground. In the meantime I will be a kiln mooch. Hi Dan! Hi Nance! this is anything new?!

And recently, after reading others blogs, I do not feel so alone in the struggle to get back into making work. I do not know why its such a battle, but it is. Maybe its the new place or the wintry weather, maybe its the rust that has gath
ered on my brain after not making anything since October. I'm betting on the latter. But TODAY gentle reader, is the day...its high time I got back to making some work!

...OK ...did it just feel like I should have stopped tapping away here and got down to my wheel? I agree it definitely did...I should have segued to the end but I do have a few updates to tack on...(maybe this is part of my problem)

After my last post about a generation of young people called "Millennial" and their addiction-like dependence on their electronic devices, I received a nice email from a person connected to a website called . It felt real and not just generated by some program. I'm always a little wary about this...but she provided me with a positive flip side for Generation Y and here it it baby. Hey, its only fair.(I can hear Jim Gottuso groaning from here...see his comments on last post))

I also posted 5 new items in my Etsy shop...ON SALE...that's right homies...I came across some pieces I had stuck away for a variety of reasons and decided why not just put them out there...I'm calling this my "WONKY SALE". All 5 pieces have a bit of an unevenness to the bottoms...they are a bit wonky. BUT they are also pretty cheap too...this mug pictured below is one.

Finally I will end with a bit of sad news...The Philly Street Cafe in Indiana, PA has gone the way of the Do-do. They gave it a good try and had a fair run but its tough out there for the small business. The cafe is where The Self Serve Pottery Kiosk was is now back in Beaver Falls searching for a new home. Click the link to learn more about the kiosk.

Now I'm heading down to my wheel to make some mugs...stay warm.

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