Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Empty Again...

Step right up...a week from today, next Tuesday, the Indiana County Potters Group in collaboration with the IUP ceramics department will be hosting the annual event...Empty Bowls. Nancy Smeltzer has been key in getting this charitable happening off the ground for the last several years with help from Harmony Ritchie and other local potters like Betty Hedman, owner of Smicksburg Pottery. In the past we have raised anywhere between 2,500.00 up to almost 4,000.00 dollars and all of the proceeds go directly to the Indiana County Food Bank. For those of you who do not know, the Empty Bowls event is a grass roots movement nationally supported by potters groups with all the money going to local food banks. For the cost of 15.00 dollars, you get to choose from hundreds of handmade bowls...fill your "bowl of choice" up with one of 4-5 selections of delicious soups...which also come with bread, cookie and water...and oh yeah, you get to keep the bowl. What a deal...this happens Tuesday, March 20 in Indiana, PA...in the lobby of University Square right next to the Commonplace Coffee Shop from 11am - 2 pm. Come get your soup on...here is a link back to one of the Empty Bowls events from 2010...check it out...and if you are in the area, stop by for soup!

Bowls donated by: Nancy Smeltzer, Betty Hedman, Harmony Ritchie, Dan Kuhn, IUP ceramics grad students as well as undergrads, Josh Floyd, Deb and Birch Frew and Kathy Bizousky from Stoke Hole Pottery...and I know there are a few more people throwing in bowls too, can't remember...oh yeah, and me.

And what's a blog for if not to post gratuitous pretty pictures...I have been forcing a bunch of forsythia clippings from my garden back in Indiana and they are just starting to pop open. May your mornings be filled with hot coffee and fresh flowers...
mug by Josh Floyd...

 And now the weather....it seems like Spring has officially Sprung in Western PA,
 ...P.S. I wore my sandals today.
striped crocus from the beginnings of my new garden

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