Friday, March 30, 2012

Catching Up Part 2...

Sometimes I like to jam it all into one single blog post...and then times like this, I like to spread out the love.

I am still playing a bit of catch up here. Last week on the long haul home I stopped by Little Mahoning Creek Pottery...home of my friend Nancy Smeltzer and studio where I spent the last 4 - 5 years throwing pots and firing the wood kilns. Nancy was not home but I poked around and checked out all of her pieces she has been firing...she has been a busy potter. The work was stacked all over the studio and the warm Spring sun flooded the space. Being there in the warmer weather made me think of firing the bourry box kiln and how much I liked to swing open the big barn doors on the side of the studio and throw pots in the light breeze with my tunes going. I don't get that much light or a breeze throwing pots in my basement these days. Above and below are a couple informal shots of work fresh from a recent firing...sets of tumblers, lidded jars, plates, casseroles, one very cool fish mug(hope she hasn't sold that mug yet) name it...and most with her drawings of birds and a few other select critters.
salty owl planter and one fine fishy mug
The good thing about having a basement studio is that at least I can still throw pots...I may take them all over Western  PA to get them fired, but hey, having a place to get the process started is real helpful right now. And speaking of driving my green ware all over the state, today I started to make work for the next wood firing back at Nancy's which will happen in a couple weeks! I will be making some more pieces over the course of the weekend...mugs, bowls, and something new for me...small cake stands...about the size for a cupcake really. I guess we'll see.

Finally, the saga of my bumpy mid-range mugs comes to an end. Dan Kuhn fired them again and they just got worse...not only bumpy but now bloated too...who knows...he and I are both scratching our heads about it. I appreciate the comments and suggestions from those of you who chimed in and I will be doing some tests...and not using that clay body again.  Anyways...there is always more clay...and the wheel keeps spinning.
PS. NCECA... Seattle...oh yeah...whatever.

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