Sunday, May 13, 2012

Wood Fired + Decals

detail of salt nibbled surface...
Hello and a happy Mudder's Day to all you wonderful mudders out there.

tumbler with birdscape abstraction
I thought I would post some freshly fired eye candy for you all to check out. My wife is now napping off this morning's brunch and my daughter is outside playing and I have a few minutes to myself. Dan Kuhn just fired these pieces for me in his electric kiln. The mugs and tumblers were from the last firing I did with Nancy over at Little Mahoning Creek Pottery...and by the way, it looks like we will be firing again the beginning of June. All of these, like the ones I posted a couple weeks back, are now being sold out of the Self Serve Pottery Kiosk currently located here in Beaver Falls at the aptly named Beaver Falls Coffee &Tea company. Monday soon as they open, you should grab a friend and rush right over there and buy, buy, buy then sit and eat and drink...just sayin'...but for now enjoy the pics and let me know what ya on the images to see them bigger
3 sides to this tumbler!

vintage wallpaper sweetness
coffee mug built for two?
double sided flamingo cup!


MudStuffing Pottery said...

of course I am partial to wallpaper goodness!

Linda Fahey said...

I love this blog! goodness all around!