Friday, April 20, 2012

Salute to the Wood...

cupcake stands
 In honor of Earth Day this coming Sunday 4/22 I'm posting my own personal salute to the ever lovin' wood that fuels the wood kiln and makes my pots so darn nice! I love you wood...all the hard wood scraps that Nancy scavenges and hauls from the Amish lumber mills...all the fallen trees...old pallets...and hickory spokes that were not quite straight enough for the buggy wheels...I love you all. AND to show I truly care, I planted my second tree of the new Spring season today...a Vesuvius Plum. A few weeks earlier I planted a Kwanzan it has a friend out there in the new yard.

To make this salute even better I am posting(click to see bigger) a bunch of pictures of some of the pieces from my recent firing with Nancy at Little Mahoning Creek Pottery. Everything turned out pretty sweet. Above and below are glamour shots out in the sunshine...perched on and guessed it...wood! Some will get further surface embellishments...some are good just as you see them. So I will say thank you Mother Earth for all this goodness... now shut your computer down and get out there and plant a tree(after checking out my wood fired pieces...of course).

tumblers...ready for iced coffee?

detail shot of  mug pictured above
serving bowl with lug style handles
interior of bowl pictured above

another mug...

and yet another mug still!

triangular bowl

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barbaradonovan said...

yay for y'all. beautiful results!