Friday, September 21, 2012

and more...

                                        In the other gardens
                                        And all up the vale,
                                        From the autumn bonfires
                                        See the smoke trail!

                                        Pleasant summer over
                                        And all the summer flowers,
                                        The red fire blazes,
                                        The grey smoke towers.

                                        Sing a song of seasons!
                                        Something bright in all!
                                        Flowers in the summer,
                                        Fires in the fall!

                                       ...Robert Louis Stevenson

A warm welcome to Autumn this weekend and also Happy Birthday to me...enjoy the images...


barbaradonovan said...

very warm welcome. 88F today.

Happy Birthday and have a great weekend.

k.houser said...

ha...thats one thing I do not miss about living down south...lack of seasonal change...leaves are starting to change here and the mornings and evenings have become cool...LOVE Autumn.