Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Quickie

Spring is just around the corner here in western PA...or at least I am being fooled into feeling that way during this weekend. Both yesterday and today will be right around 60 degrees WITH sunshine!!! We haven't seen that kind of weather in a while...however I think we are back into some snow by the end of the week. Its been a long winter. I am officially done with it.
I have been firing glaze tests...decal tests...making sure the new mid range glazes all look good when you fire them back to 04 for a decal. I can't help but pop a few other decal possibilities in the kiln when I do this. Possibilities being random china and vintage local pottery that I have laying around...and maybe even a left over salt fired mug that escaped me during this past Fall season...the man in the moon mug is that one(pictured above and below). A couple of the other local china piece got glaze blisters all over...oh well scratch those but thanks to my geographic location there is plenty of old china to decal and fire away.

Check out  this one(below) I did for my friends over at my local coffee shop, it is beautiful Japanese bone china I picked up at a place going out of business...I thought they might like it and it gives me an opportunity to just try out some new images. I like this know, not actually getting all dirty, very little clean up... just sourcing out plain old restaurant ware and putting a little of me on it...spruces it up some!

Big news and new pots down the road...

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littlemahoningcreekpottery said...

kyle , like the man in the moon, will there be more to see soon!