Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sick Days

This new year has been kicking me in the head since week one. No finished work to show right now...I am recovering from a wicked sickness that had me in bed with a high fever for almost five days straight. I picked this gem of an illness up from my daughter and now we have successfully spread it to my wife as well. Share and share alike...misery loves company...blah,blah,blah... I am a bit wiped out still but I have been able to fire off a couple bisque loads. The glaze tests start post I will have pieces that should be close to finished so that I can do a little show and tell.

In the mean time, once again, check out this new basket form I have been playing with ... then scroll over to the music video on my side bar and throw your hands up in the air and have your own little dance party...its hard not to... the ceiling can't hold us.

1 comment:

christyculp said...

Love the little dodads on the feet!!! Can't wait to see these finished!! I call dibs!!!!!