Sunday, January 19, 2014

Logo Land/North Pole

Greetings and salutations from the frozen north.

 They are saying that ol' evil "polar vortex" is coming to get us again this week...yeah, great. In my now 10 years of living here in Western PA this is the coldest winter I have experienced and as a Florida boy, this is some of the coldest weather I have EVER experienced. I think I have had my fill.

Dear Mr. P. Vortex,
Once was plenty, a couple times just makes you look bad. Please just stop.  
Lots of us in the greater Pittsburgh metropolitan area

While this frigid winter weather coupled along with my slow recovery from hernia surgery has hampered my making of much work, I have been concentrating on ways to "make" that don't require a lot of physical exertion. So I thought I would post a bunch of shots of some of the branding ventures I have been doing over the holidays. 

Recently I have been firing restaurant grade stoneware and porcelain with my laser transfer decals. I have fired a handful of different types with some variation between the pieces. I have to say, the cleanest and best decal firing on restaurant wares came from a feldspar porcelain cup and saucer from Ikea. That being said, some of the worst results came from other Ikea stuff. 

My local coffee shop haunt, Beaver Falls Coffee&Tea Co. is always up for cool stuff and I recently completed a set of 6 cup and saucers for "in house use" and then a grouping of demitasse and tea cups for the employees as gifts from the owners. I even branched out some and got a similar gig from another great little coffee shop not far from me called Wunderbar. With BFCAT I was allowed to sorta go wild, the only specifications were that it  had to have the business name clearly visible while Wunderbar already had an existing logo they wanted to use as well as specific style imagery on the reverse side. Both turned out pretty darn cool if I do say so myself.
Wunderbar commercial stoneware mugs worked nicely too!

Along with the commercial logo mugs I also handmade a couple for a friend and a larger group for an author in the New England area(sorry no pics) that preferred the hand thrown look. So have a gander at my graphic nature for now until I can crank out a bunch of new work. Oh yeah, its coming, just like that damn polar vortex.
handmade branding!

lovely Ikea Porcelain...favorite to re-fire!

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