Thursday, August 21, 2014

Pre-Autumn Update

Its the end of the Summer and I feel like I am just "fall"ing into a groove making new work for the Fall intended to be shown and sold(hopefully) during the various events that lead up to the grand finale...Christmas.

So , let me explain the last picture heavy post...With my gig as the Ceramic Studio Coordinator for Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, I get to dabble with a number of different firing styles. Lately there, we fired the soda kiln. Luke Doyle, the person who has been helping me out all summer as a studio assistant, strategically loaded it up and fired it off. It was a really good firing and everybody ended up with good looking work. Here's another couple sweet little cups I ended up with...

I have been firing a good number of high fire pieces still but I have settled back comfortably into the land of cone six. I am up to my old tricks again and feeling pretty good about it...have a gander at some new mugs...

As I am busy making work...I am also welcoming the end to a long summer...happy to see Autumn coming, even if its still a ways off. To put the cherry on top of our busy summer at work, we are hosting a five day workshop with Adero Willard. I am thrilled to have her there with us at PCA for the week. I am a big fan of her work and look forward to facilitating the workshop. If you don't know her work yet, you will soon...she's on the cover of September's Pottery Making Illustrated...check her out!

Lets chat again real soon. Think Fall.

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