Monday, May 12, 2008

get yer etsy on...

Hello gentle reader,
I am squirting out yet another quick posting here...I honestly have a bunch of stuff to tap away on these keys about but I just do not have the time...soooooooooo, here are a couple of quick items. I opened a new etsy store and also helped my friend Nancy open her shop on etsy recently too. My shop is called Homeslice...the place for clay things. As I explained to a friend, it is my freak show tent in my own little carnival...ceramic oddities abound...check it out. Nancy's shop is called Little Mahoning Creek Pottery and it features her wood fired functional ware. I did a posting on Nancy a month or two back and it has images of her, the studio and her work...take a look at that then cybertruck it on over to her etsy shop to buy, buy, buy!

Also, Nancy and I are pouring the foundation for a new train style wood kiln on Thursday! Pics and posting to come on that undertaking.

I just got back from NY state...went up to get the skinny on my new summer job. I will be working at Chautauqua Institution in the ceramics studio. I will be managing the studio and work study students as well as firing all the work...I am KILNMASTER! I think the position should come with a viking helmet. Its a great gig and I am very pleased to be there for almost 10 weeks. Should be cool...and yes, there will be pics and a posting about this soon!

hope your gardens are blooming...

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