Monday, May 26, 2008

A productive day in the studio...

Sometimes a productive day in the studio is gauged in a different way...this past Saturday was one of those days. It wasn't that I sat down and made 20 cups and a couple sets of plates, it was a day packed with quality more than quantity. My wife and daughter came up to the studio on this warm sunny Saturday...we ate lunch and my 5 year old worked on my wheel for awhile. She has always liked to hand build in the studio with me and it is just recently that she has been asking me to teach her to throw...she is getting there...and we will keep practicing. I loved these pictures, the light was streaming in from the wide open barn like doors on the side of the studio
and the breeze wafted through the space. Look at that face...what concentration...what focus!

After the girls left Nancy and I worked on the train kiln far so good...this Thursday we are going to try and finish a good portion, if not most of the kiln. The images below show the begining of the fire box and the floor of about 1/2 the ware chamber.

And somehow, I even managed to finish a couple bigger pieces, trim some cups and put handles on some was a quality day no matter how you look at it...stay tuned for more kiln updates!

PS... I am a huge music geek...check out my cool album quilt in the side can click on the rotating images and it will take you to which is a nifty music site that lets you build playlists and search out music...I have another widget from them in my myspace that shuffles and plays my playlist if your hanging out for a while or if you make multiple visits, you can hear different songs. On my album quilt you will find some of my perennial favorites and some interesting new artists too...put your needle tool to the vinyl and pug with a beat.

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