Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Slab!

Watching concrete dry...sound exciting? Well, actually it is pretty exciting...especially when that concrete is the slab for the new kiln that you will be building. Nancy and I will be building a train style kiln originally based on a Robert Sanderson design. She researched it all out and found several different variations of the plans...scavenged out all the bricks...and got me and a few others to wheel the concrete over and dump it into the footprint. Nancy and I framed up the space, then leveled it all off a few days before...we were ready!

We had a perfect day to get the job done today...Andy,who is up from Florida for the summer,(he uses Smicksburg as his base while he does festivals around the Northeast) and I wheel barrow loads of concrete from the truck over to the other side of the studio. There, Nancy, Dan Boone and local potter friend Josh Floyd spread it out and level it off. After the concrete was all in Dan and I finished smoothing down the surface while neighbor Ellis carefully supervised.

Nancy set a couple large shards in the drying concrete and we were done for today. More postings to come of the kiln in progress...stay tuned.


klineola said...

It's very exciting. I look forward to checking the progress of the new kiln.

k.houser said...

Thanks for stopping by...we hope to start building pretty soon!