Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What do lonely potters do...

Working alone in a studio can get...well, lonesome sometimes. Or, if you are like me, it can get down right productive and can lead to other things like..."the works going good and I'm all by myself so I think I will dance" happenings. Yes, gentle reader...I admit it, I like to have "in studio private boogie sessions". Now its not like a full on dance party, its just a moment or two of jumping around or a little booty shakin'. This all comes from a good place ...things need to be going well in the studio and or in combination with things happening on the outside too. And what you may be asking yourself right now is..."what is this idiot dancing to"..."the sound of his wheel spinning round ?" That would be a negatory...I am a music junkie. Music is my drug of choice and I search it out all over the place. I work best with some tunes on...I'm not a radio fan and I'm rarely ever plugged in to headphones when I'm in the studio. I love my Ipod Touch and its home on the studio docking station...its 16 gigs are almost all full of music and I am actively looking for more.

The above picture is me just before breaking out into a combination jig/pogo/hustle.

After several emails with a friend about best music from 2010 and also checking out Ben Carter's list on his blog, I thought...I should post my faves from the previous year too! I stumbled upon Ben's list as I was checking out his adventures in China and I'm glad I did because I got turned onto a band called "Have Gun Will Travel"...and I love them...went out and downloaded their last album and have been listening to it for days now. So here goes...in no particular order...these were studio faves of mine from 2010, they were my dance partners and friends I listened carefully to while working alone.

The XX...quiet, stripped down slightly retro and kinda sexy...which actually came out late 09 but ehh, whatever.

Trampled by Turtles, Palomino...great new bluegrass/Americana, sometimes played like speed metal. Good songwriting too...for fans of Wilco,Old Crow ...or Have Gun Will Travel!

Black Keys,Brothers...deeply dug this record with its old soul/R&B leanings while not forgetting to rock it out too.

Grinderman,2...gotta love Nick Cave and his howling...this record is a tense and down and dirty trip ...could use a a shower and a shave.

Sleigh Bells, Treats...OK this is when I put on my boogie shoes...shake my butt...you know what I mean...its like M.I.A. gets some crunchy ass guitars and gets down.

Justin Townes Earle, Harlem River Blues...that's right, son of Steve Earle. This is a solid record...great listening that I go back to time and again.

The National, High Violet...Love these guys and been a fan since "Alligator"(which you should check out too)...this one took a while to sink into my head but when it did, I couldn't get it out. Great songwriting ..."I was afraid I'd eat your brains","because I'm evilllll"...I mean c'mon, great stuff!...deep voice, good music...sort of like contemporary Leonard Choen...hmm...maybe.

OK, so that's my lucky seven of 2010...I hope you go and check out some of these great records and would love it if you shared your faves of last year with me...love to hear what you listen to! In the mean time, I hope you enjoy a dance or two while your alone in the studio, bedroom or where ever you feel uninhibited and happy. More to come from this Clay Train boogie-ing alone in the quiet winter landscape.


christyculp said...

Great minds DO think alike..I was just htinkgin about this this afternoon!!
Some of my favorite music for a good rhythm session- BEla Fleck, Gypsy Kings, Pink Martini, Carolina Chocolate Drops, Ladysmith Black Mombazo, Rodrigo y Gabriella,
SOme mood music- John Melloncamp, Ray LaMontagne and the Pariah Dogs, Melody Gardot, Dobet Gnahore

But sometime sI dont'; want music I want brain food, so I've started downloading TED talks. 19 minute talks by the movers and shakers of the international community- technology, engineering and design. Great stuff. Just listened to Charles Limb talk about studying the brain activity of musicians while they are improvising versus when they simply play a memorized piece. Just think of what our brains look like when we are working!!! Chekc it out at www.TED.com

Linda Fahey said...

black keys and National are definitely good studio music! I also did a little broken social scene and arcade fire! oh, and interpol of course - not a dance trac but moody goodness!

I love that you dance - I thought I might be the only lonely dance party potter ;) great post.

k.houser said...

Linda, sometimes it just feels so good ya gotta do a quick in house private boogie...I am a big Broken Social Scene fan too...

Christy, thanks for the TED site...sounds very cool and at a 19 minute burst ...even better...like art21 without the visuals maybe...and I do LOVE Carolina Chocolate Drops too!

Sara Goldhawk (Goldhawk Pottery) said...

I'm new at having a home studio but I do love having the radio on when working. We have a great NPR station that plays eclectic music, much of what you've listed. But it gets kind of cold so I don't find myself dancing down in the basement but rather hurrying to get work done. Feel free to provide more tips for staying self motivated...that's my biggest challenge!

Toots McGee said...


I can't make any of those lists, bcause I never listen to anything new it seems like. Have Gun Will Travel, however was on my radar becaus ethey are from right down the road and they play around here all the time (but I'm too lame to go see them), but I do love their album, and I love that old death rattle.

I somehow managed to become a fan of the Swedish technopop star Robyn's new music this year. Go figure.

Doug aka Toots

MudStuffing Pottery said...

Dig!!!! Thanks, been needing some new tune. Working alone as well, I find I get into musical listening ruts. This list is just what I need... off to use my amazon gift card...

A Truckload of Art said...

good list Kyle- i am hoping that on your next blog you will also include odes to robin quivers from little mikey and phych! baba booey baba booey howard sterns penis!!!
sorry bud- couldn't be helped i think i have a problem...
good post though!

Unknown said...

bought the xx album today after reading your post. it's a treasure for sure.

Ben Carter said...

I downloaded the Trampled by Turtles album and it has been on constant rotation ever since. I'm glad to hear you like Have Gun Will Travel. We are going to have to do a top albums blog every January. Its a great way to keep up with what has been released in the past year.

Julia Alissa said...

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