Sunday, April 8, 2012

In your basket...

Hoppy Easter...eggs.

The Bunny was good to my baby girl and all the family left a couple hours back... and I'm still feeling stuffed ...ham, sweet potatoes, name it and its in "mah bellah"... that's what I said to the chocolate cake afterwards too..."get in mah bellah!" I'm feeling like the Easter Fat Bastard. Thankfully the "Y" will be open tomorrow.

On another note I have some freshly fired decal mugs thanks to Dan Kuhn and another small load of mostly mugs and tumblers  ready to toss into the wood kiln with Nancy Smeltzer at Little Mahoning Creek Pottery. Maybe all this food will sustain me through the driving, teaching, and firing into the night that I have coming up this week. Honestly, I am thrilled to be wood firing again and very pleased with the forms I have in the firing. I will be sure to post pics from the firing next weekend.

And finally my golden egg for your blog basket today is a bit of good news...Adam Paulek's brain storm invention, "The Self Serve Pottery Kiosk" will be up and running again here in western PA. If you remember a year or so ago we placed the kiosk in a cafe in Indiana, had a good run but sadly this winter that cafe had to close its doors for good. Well, the kiosk has found a new home and I hope to install it this week here in my new neighborhood of Beaver Falls with the good folks of The Beaver Falls Coffee &Tea Company. I love this place and the attitude, or lack there of, that comes with it. This humble coffee shop is owned by a young family that is dedicated, committed and actively working towards revitalizing this old steel town. Located just across the street from Geneva College they are a very popular spot with the student crowd as well as the slightly older folks like me who live in the neighborhood just behind it. This place is more than just a coffee shop...they have started a food co-op, offer fresh baked goods, have live music sometimes and also have "Farm to Table" dinners once a month. Click on the link and check these guys out...better yet, come to Beaver Falls...drink their coffee and peruse the new pieces offered up in the Self Serve Potter Kiosk! Mugs, tumblers and teapots by Adam Paulek, Dan Kuhn, and myself.
from left to right: Kyle Houser, Adam Paulek, Dan Kuhn

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the sved said...

Loving the octopus decal on your mug there Kyle. Excited to see the new forms when they're out of the firing.