Saturday, April 14, 2012

What's up!

Whats up!?...good question...a lot actually. First, my asparagus are coming up...its my first year getting asparagus from the garden and I am pretty stoked about it...I love asparagus. The image above is one of the little guys pushing through the grass clippings I tossed all over the garden.

What else is up besides your boring old veggies you ask? Well, I was up late this week firing the wood kiln with Nancy Smeltzer at Little Mahoning Creek Pottery.. We loaded and bricked up the door on Tuesday night and Nance started firing early Wednesday morning and when I got off work, I took over for a while and gave her some time to rest. She and I fired until 2:30 am before I hit the wall. I stayed long enough to add in the salt/soda mix and then had to crash. Nancy fired another hour before she too was done. I am excited to see the results but I have to wait until I travel back on Tuesday to see my wood fired booty. Above and below are a few pics of work I had going in the kiln...Nancy loading...and me on pics to see bigger.

Finally and probably the best "whats up" of the day is the news that The Self Serve Pottery Kiosk is back up and running!!! I just returned from installing it in the Beaver Falls Coffee and Tea Company. The Kiosk features work by Adam Paulek, Dan Kuhn and myself. It runs on the honor simply open the door, look around and find what you like...try out the handle, see how it feels...then slide your cash or check into the money box below. Mostly it is full of mugs and cups but there is also a random tea pot, pitcher and batter bowl too. Here are a couple pics of Bethany, who along with her husband Russ own and operate this thriving coffee shop and cafe. Honestly, this place is more than just a coffee shop...last night my wife and I met another couple there and had a four course, delicious and attractively plated dinner. It was their "Farm to Table" dinner that they do once a month...all the food is fresh and direct from where its grown...asparagus and prosciutto, roasted lamb, fresh snow peas and pasta, yum... we are already looking forward to the next one! That's what up this week homies...freshly fired pots are up next week...stay tuned.

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Renee said...

love the kiosk! Can't wait to go see it in person! : )