Sunday, March 16, 2008

Signs of Spring and NCECA...

As I wandered around outside with my daughter today I could not help but move around the mulch in a couple of my flower beds just to see if anything was happening. It seems like it has been a long winter and it is so good to take note of the smallest hints of the coming spring. The crocus are almost all up making way for all the daffodils hot on their heels.

Looking around the yard I also spotted groups of these early spring volunteers...dewdrops...snowdrops...something like that...who knows, but they sure are cute little things. They come up in clusters in odd places around my yard every spring.
As I headed back into the house a bright green color caught my eye and I wondered what was growing in my hanging beds on the deck. Knowing it is too early for the Easter Bunny to have deposited a hidden jewel and puzzled by any sort of living plant life on my tundra of a deck, I crept closer to investigate. I screamed for my wife when I saw it. Look what the winter has done! Is it a sign of things to come!? Dear Lord, its alive, I cried!...The dawn of Frankenflower is upon us! So much color! What kind of creature is it?! Can I stand it?! Can you stand it gentle reader?!...We shall soon see...more to come on this strange sighting.

PS. NCECA is in Pittsburgh this week...I will be there Thursday and Friday...I have work at Boxheart Gallery which is on the bus tour for them and I am participating in the I.U.P. group show on Penn Ave. right by the convention center. I also have two more pieces down at Zenclay that is running their show concurrent with NCECA. I posted the post cards for the shows on the side. You can also see my functional work which is being shown at Boxheart on the myspace is on the sidebar too. And I have new pieces in my etsy shop too...yeah!

sorry for the disjointed post...but I had to plug NCECA...GO CLAY!

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