Monday, March 10, 2008

Dark Corners in the spotlight...

Hey, long time no write...don't take it the wrong way, its not you...its me...I think we can still be friends. I have been on hiatus in Florida for a little while seeing my folks and visiting some friends and soaking up some much needed change of weather. Speaking of friends, I want to feature an old friend of mine in today's post...drum roll please...ta-daaa!...Gene Hotaling of Dark Corners Studio in Ocala, Florida. That's him on the far left.

I have known Gene for a good many years now. He is a wildly talented artist, high school teacher and past recipient of a Fulbright Award that sent him to Japan for 3 weeks. When I was living in Fla. I kept my large raku kiln at his place and he and I fired mucho raku pots. I apologize right now for not including any shots of the outside of the studio. I was over at night, it was raining, I was too lazy to go back during the day...blah, blah, blah. So, think palmettos, live oaks, and large magnolias then throw in a healthy covering of spanish moss and your getting there. Gene has a large studio on his property that also houses a nice little gallery to showcase his work.

Gene fires most all of his work in the large brick gas kiln he built there on his property. And no, I did not shoot a picture of it...I know I have failed you gentle reader, but hang in there with me. His work is high fire stoneware with lots of gorgeous shinos and a myriad of other glazes. Check these out!

While I was there I picked up a couple mugs for myself and Nancy. There was certainly no shortage of mugs to choose from. I picked up a couple with the tree images on them. Not only are they great looking, but they are well-handled and easy drinking mugs to boot. Gene is all about the importance of the function of a piece.
Gene is a immensely creative person and his work is beautiful and well crafted. I had a great visit with him and his lovely wife, Helen. I should get back down to Fla. a little more often...maybe at least before Christmas so I can peruse his legendary holiday sale! Finally, I am including a few more images of his work and his studio for your viewing pleasure...enjoy.

Thanks for checking back with my blog, sorry for the extra long pause. C'mon back y'all for another down home Fla. posting this week!

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